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How Business Can Benefit from the Private Social Network

More and more social media platforms are emerging, with each of them having their own uniqueness. You are surely aware of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and the ilk and that they are important for building a relationship with clients and prospects both. But then, what about your employees? How they can communicate with their seniors, team members etc. So, continue reading how business can benefit from the private social network.

Today, more and more workers feel isolated and disengaged from their employers than ever before. A recent study by Rapt Media shows that 60% of employees feel discouraged about their internal communications while 44% say that their business’s internal communications are stagnant and nothing has changed in the past five years.

Disengaged employees are often unhappy with their work and will eventually leave the organization, leading to an increase in the employee turnover rate. The higher the attrition rate, the higher the costs. So, how do you reduce the cost of high attrition rate in your organization? How do you make sure that all your employees, whether they are in Mumbai or Miami, are connected and engaged?

You need to make changes in the company’s work culture and improve employee engagement. This is possible only when all your employees are on the same page…err the same platform.

More and more companies are realizing that implementing smaller, private social network just for their staff has many perks. The pluses range from improvements in daily work, betterment in relationships among your employees to the strengthening of company culture and much more. This ultimately leads to a positive shift in employee engagement.

Why does your business need a private social network?

The bigger the company, the more difficult it is to keep a track of internal communication. And if your company has multiple locations, the trouble doubles. You cannot use email for everything, right? Teams and groups need several ways of communication, both formal and informal.

An internal social network influences your business a lot and all in the positive ways! It doesn’t matter if you are a small online venture or a large enterprise with multiple locations, a private social network for business comes handy. These networks are timelier than emails and require less infrastructure setup.

Your employees can work from anywhere and still stay updated. They will have a platform they feel comfortable using and will spend less time filtering emails and scheduling meetings. Consider the following advantages of adopting a private social network for your business:

How Business Can Benefit from the Private Social Network

Stay remotely connected

An internal social network can keep your employees connected throughout the day even when they aren’t physically present in the office. Stay updated about the happenings in your company while away. Instantly share the documents, images, videos or messages to save time writing emails. Reach out to any community member to communicate the right information at the right time.

Create a digital corporate culture

The world is going digital. Many applications focus on connecting, collaborating and communicating. So why keep your employees incommunicado? An internal social network is a platform for your employees to socialize, organize events, conduct polls and build relationships. This helps in building a digital corporate culture that is more connected and engaged.

Streamline communication

Communicate and collaborate from anywhere, anytime without the hustle of drafting emails. A private social network for business can drastically reduce inbox clutter. It replaces time-consuming email threads with concise discussions, thus promoting better communication and collaboration. When internal communication is streamlined, other business processes improve too.

Socialize privately

Internal private social networks not only encourage you to work more openly but also support privacy. You can create groups based on departments, interests, teams, etc. and share private messages to a specific audience. This gives you the flexibility to stay updated at the organizational and individual level both.

How is Jambo more than just an internal social network?

Jambo is a social application that helps groups and communities to stay close and connected securely. Don’t only send messages but also organize events, conduct polls, and find nearby members of your group. Jambo is more than just an internal social network for businesses. How do you ask?

  • Availability: Use it on any device due to its easy availability on iOS, Android and Web platform.
  • Security: Track multi-device & multi-location logins along with SSO, robust password policy & SOC 2 Compliant servers.
  • Control: Manage permissions & every other aspect of the community with the centralized control panel.
  • Personalization: Personalize this App with custom sign-up page & URL. This uplifts your corporate branding and gives a sense of familiarity.
  • Engagement: Encourage peer-to-peer appreciation or manager-to-employee praise with features like badges, praise and recognize a deed help.

Social media is not only about you and your clients. A private social media platform is as valuable as a communication and team building tool for your internal employees, too. With Jambo, you can stay assured that your employees won’t feel outcast and your company’s work culture will become collaborative, social and secure.

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