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5 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Collaborative

The size of an organization is inversely proportional to ease of collaboration. Smaller an organization, easier it is to work across departments and get the job done. Thanks to technology, though, efficiently make your workplace collaborative across teams and departments, even in an organization with traditional silos, is entirely possible. Here are 5 ways to make your workplace more collaborative.

5 Ways to Make Your Workplace More Collaborative

Pick the right technology for the right reasons

Technology is often touted as the elixir that will make your workplace more collaborative and engaging, eternally. However, simply installing the shiniest enterprise collaboration platform isn’t going to cut it. It is more important that you first list the reasons for why you need a collaboration tool.

For instance, you might need it to improve your periodical outreach program across the organization; or, fostering better teamwork across departments might be more important to you. Once you know why you need a collaboration tool, you will be – a. Able to pick the right tool for you; and b. Utilize it optimally across your organization.

Don’t police your employees

While every organization can’t afford to let go of hierarchies, taking the silo approach to communication across your organization can be detrimental to the spirit of collaboration.

It is okay to have some guidelines in place but give your employees a free rein. For instance, it can help if employees have a direct channel to the CEO through which they can give important feedback and suggestions.

Don’t make collaboration a task

Your enterprise collaborative tool should be seamlessly integrated into your organization’s everyday workflow. Employees shouldn’t feel like using the tool to communicate with other employees is a task.

One big factor that can often deter people from adopting a new workplace tool is access (and how difficult it is). If your employees have to remember several login details, they are probably going to give your system a pass. In addition, don’t mandate the use of the tool. Let it come naturally to them. Give them time.

Measure the metrics that matter

When it comes to gauging how collaborative your workplace is, you can measure a ton of metrics. However,  you should focus on the metrics that matter to your goals.

For instance, if your goal is to promote better teamwork, keeping an eye on the number of new ideas generated during a quarter can be helpful. Similarly, if inter-departmental collaboration is your major concern, the time to market for new products is a pertinent metric to measure.

Be persistent

An enterprise collaborative tool isn’t a magic wand that can suddenly transform your workplace. In fact, as is human nature, we are always susceptible to change. It is important that you stay persistent in your efforts. Don’t expect overnight results.

6 months is a good window to give your employees for them to take the new tool. If things aren’t working, get back to the drawing board and see what you can change. Maybe it is your communication guidelines, or maybe the tool you have deployed isn’t intuitive enough.

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