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Specsavers Optical Group Ltd is a British optical retail chain, operating globally with optical stores in United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Ireland, Finland and Sweden. The chain offers optician services for eyesight testing and sells eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses. It also sells hearing aids.

Specsavers’ core value has been to provide the best value eye care and hearing care and in the pursuit of supporting their store partners to exceed customer expectations, Specsavers runs Optical Retail Apprenticeship which includes various courses and certifications such as level 3 and 4 certificates for Optometric Clinical Assistants.

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Specsavers has a variety of courses with different batches running at the same time. The different courses are independent of each other and the supervisors of these courses form an important component of the entire learning process.

The inspiration for Specsavers learning network was the insight into the individual needs of the different courses being provided as part of its Optical Retail Apprenticeship.

Around 1000 students and supervisors were brought on board. The community manager or the owner of the Specsavers community identified the members who would run the entire program and would need to be the admins on the platform. The groups for supervisors of different courses were created where they would be able to collaborate to design the course and share important information.

For students the groups needed to restrict them only to the information that would be relevant to them. External groups were created for each batch with the students (the external members) and supervisors of that batch. These groups were closed and ensured that students could only see and chat with the members of their own group and had access to the specific content being shared with them.

The organizers of the courses had all the permissions like to change the community settings, to add/remove people, create/delete groups and monitor the content being shared in all the groups.

The supervisors of each course were regulators of the groups of their courses with the permissions to create polls/surveys, praise students and monitor the content being shared on their group.

The platform has proved popular among students and word is getting round about it across the company - with people even ringing me specifically asking if they can join the group!

We feel it meets our needs and we are keen to continue to use it. Its especially useful to us as we deal with cohorts of students and it allows us to make sure that people get the right information at the right time. It also allows us to get a quick'snapshot' if student opinions which really helps us in improving the support that we offer to our students.

We are recently launching a new course and we will be rolling Jambo out to these students.

Thank you very much for a great forum!

Holly Ashford, BSc (Hons) Associate Editor Professional Training & Development

Execution and Results

  • Closely connected student body – The students of the course could reach out to each other and the supervisors instantly through chat and get their doubts clarified and questions answered.
  • Environment that nurtures participation – While the important notifications and announcements by supervisors were always pinned to the top by them so that those are not missed, students could engage in other discussions that included in questions around the course content..
  • Right information at the right time – With additional email notifications to members when a new quiz/survey was up or whenever they were mentioned in a post, Jambo ensured that students never missed an update and stayed on track.
  • Always connected – The students have access to the platform and can post a question, query any time. While supervisors and Admins are always up to the task, peer to peer discussion helped resolve a lot of queries and anxiety.